What is Managed Healthcare eCommerce?

Every online shop is fully hosted. All customer service—from ordering to fulfillment to returns—is handled by Healthy Commerce. Beyond the initial setup, little additional effort is required of your staff.

We manage an extensive inventory of non-covered items, allowing us to build a custom product catalog specifically for your practice, group or hospital. Healthy Commerce is vendor-neutral—if we do not currently have an item in our product catalog, we will source it. Additionally, partners may add their own branded products to their custom eShop. Once a custom catalog has been designed, our team manages all online sales and inventory.

Ordering products through a Healthy Commerce custom site is easy and convenient for patients and contributes to increased patient compliance.

What Does a Custom Shop Look Like?

A Healthy Commerce eShop blends seamlessly with your existing online presence. We begin with a custom web address, which mirrors your existing website’s url. Patients are not ‘sent’ to another website. Visually, your shop is fully integrated into your facility’s website, although it is hosted and managed by us.

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 12.13.26 PM.png

You maintain control over pricing for all products in your eShop, keeping the cost to patients as competitive as you require. All pre- and post-purchase communication is customized for the individual practice, group or hospital, and all shops are fully integrated with social media sites.