JIM THOMAS - President
Jim Thomas has over fifteen years of senior management experience in the telecommunications industry and over twenty years of experience in real estate development and sales. Following his MBA from the University of Southern California Jim held senior management roles with AT&T and Lucent Technologies while an expatriate in Moscow Russia. After three years in Russia, Jim was recruited as Director of Marketing and Sales by Qualcomm in San Diego. More recently he has applied his years of negotiating and management expertise to real estate development, condominium conversions and real estate sales.

JANTINE - Customer Service Manager
Jantine has been a part of Healthy Commerce since April of 2014. One of her top priorities in her daily tasks is to make a genuine difference in someone's day! She's constantly greeting our customers with a huge smile, and putting all her effort into going above and beyond for every situation.

MARIA - Customer Service Representative
Maria started working with Healthy Commerce back in March of 2013. Her time is often spent patiently walking each customer through the various steps needed to complete their order. She understands, first hand, that our customers are the top priority, and that we need to do everything in our power to ensure that they have a pleasant experience when shopping at one of our online stores!

MELISSA - Customer Service Representative
Melissa has been a great part of our team since October of 2015. She loves helping customers connect on a personal level with recipients of our orders, and she understands the unique nature of the sentiment of sending gifts to family and friends. Melissa is always striving on a professional and personal level to have our gifts and service reflect those qualities!

CATHIE - Customer Service Representative
Cathie joined the Healthy Commerce team back in August of 2014. She loves helping customers stay positive during difficult circumstances, and always strives to make their experience with us a happy one. Cathie also enjoys assisting our customers in finding the perfect gifts for their loved one - something that'll be sure to put a smile on their face!


LISA - Accounting Department
Lisa has been heading up the accounting department here at Healthy Commerce since 2013. She has years of experience at many other organisations, and often spends her free time volunteering at various local non-profits. Lisa has been a key player here at Healthy Commerce, and we're absolutely thrilled to have her!

MARIA -Client Facing Project Manager
Maria joined the Healthy Commerce team in May of 2016. Maria graduated from the USD Strategic Online Marketing Program in September 2015. She is passionate about digital marketing and continues to expand her knowledge of the industry. She is an energetic and creative online marketing professional with a passion to help each client succeed.