Healthy Commerce provides our affiliates with a fully-hosted, online e-commerce experience . Through this service we aim to an enhance the customer or patient experience. All with absolutely NO financial commitment or overhead required!


We believe that when a patient receives flowers and gifts from a friend or family member it can act as a powerful motivating force towards a full and speedy recovery. Therefore our ultimate mission is to aid in improving the outcomes of patients in every hospital nationwide by easily connecting them to their loved ones through an eCommerce shop located directly on the hospital's website.

Thank you all so much. I’m thousands of miles away and my Dad is sick. I wish I could’ve jumped on a plane, but that was almost impossible. The balloons cheered him up, I was able to hear it in his voice. Thanks again!
— Nicole (after using our service through

How Does our service benefit your organization?

  • Gain added revenue for your organization by simply placing a link onto your website.

  • Improve your organization's online presence.

  • Connect patients or customers to their loved ones.

  • Improve patient or customer satisfaction.

  • Capture orders 24/7 without the need to manage calls or customer service.

  • No financial commitment or overhead required. It's absolutely free!