Healthy Commerce is all about connections. Connecting loved ones to their family in the hospital or nursing home. Connecting friends and family during their most desperate time of need. And connecting your website visitors to those they care about through our easy to use online gift shop experience.

     Healthy Commerce got its start in 2005 with our first website, (HGS). Since that time HGS has grown into the largest network of online hospital gift shops in the United States. We now have more than 550 hospitals under contract and thousands of orders are placed through our partner E-shops every month. In 2015, we launched our latest project - (SGS) - An online gift shop custom made for sending sympathy gifts to any funeral home, cemetery or church within the U.S.

      Our goals with these websites has been (and will always be) to connect our users to the people they care about most. Whether it be for sending a gift basket to your uncle in that New York hospital, or sending flowers to a funeral home in California where your best friend is mourning the loss of his grandmother, here at Healthy Commerce we take our mission very seriously; Making connections that can change and transform lives for the better.